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MakeHerSmile helps you find great gifts for your loved ones. We'll handle the hard work, you'll handle the overwhelming gratitude.

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Become A Great Gift Giver

You're great at a lot of things, but let's face it, gifts may not be your strong suit. Finding a gift for every occasion is hard work. Shopping, shipping, timing — it can be overwhelming.

Forget all that and try MakeHerSmile instead. You'll get hand-picked gifts for your loved ones, and you won't have to do an ounce of shopping. It's convenient, but more importantly, she's going to love what she gets.

Here's how it works

1. I Get to Know You Both

You'll answer a few short questions about the person you need a gift for. Based on your answers, I'll hand-pick a gift, then send you the idea for confirmation.

2. You Approve the Gift

You'll now get to see the gift suggestion. If you want to make changes, this is the time to let me know. Then, you'll enter your shipping information and pay for the gift, along with the $15 MakeHerSmile fee.

3. Time to Make Her Smile

She opens the gift and you become the hero for the day. You can take all the credit.

Plenty of guys love it

Gift Testimonial

"Pure gift giving perfection, Erinn! WOW!! Completely blown away by the care and detail. Love how you arranged the socks. Best gift "I've" ever given. Outsourcing gift giving. Who would have ever thought. I wonder if mom will approve?"

Josh, Chicago
Gift Testimonial

"Erinn gave me the peace of mind I so desperately needed to make sure I was doing my best to be a better boyfriend. She loved her gift, it worked!"

Neal, Chicago Gift Testimonial